The iPhone X

IPhone XApple’s latest smartphone is the iPhone X (10). In the footsteps of Microsoft, Apple launched iPhone 8, iPhone plus, skipped nine and went all the way to the big 10 (X). The big 10 comes with an even bigger number; $1,000 or in other figures used by Apple ‘$999’.  It can either be purchased for the full price or one can choose to part with $49.91 per month with the iPhone Upgrade Program. From the terms and conditions (Apple, 2017) however, the latter option will only be for a selected few. It is therefore important to consider the features and examine whether the device is actually worth it.

Out goes Touch ID, in comes Face ID.  The Face ID is said to be secure because it has infrared cameras and software which maps face contours of the user’s face in real time. Users will use Face ID to unlock their phones and to authorize payments. It is believed to be secure because it cannot be fooled by a photo and it will not work either if the user is asleep or unconscious.

An all display and all screen phone; Apple definitely came out of its shell when it comes to the radical design of the iPhone X. With the exception of the cutaway area for the front camera and some other sensors, as well as a slim bezel that wraps the phone edges perfectly and smoothly; the rest of the phone is all screen and display. Users can swipe up from the bottom of the device to get to the home screen with the absence of the home button. Both the front and back are covered by glass which Apple has claimed to be ‘most durable’; however, for $1000 it is best if one does not try to validate their claim by doing drop tests. Recently, DisplayMate gave the iPhone X’s OLED display an all-time high of A-plus, this means that the display has very high brightness, vibrant and accurate colors as well as intense contrasts. These vivid almost true to life colors are why Apple has named its display ‘The Super Retina Display’.

Apple did not forget about the Selfie and Emoji generation, they also have something in store for them. The Truedepth camera enables a new feature called the Animoji. Users customize their  facial expressions and emotions using emojis and even add their voices to make them talk then share them with friends. Truedepth also ensures that images pop out clearly while the background remains blurred. DxOMark gave the iPhone X’s photo a sub score of 101 points and it categorically mentioned that the phone had high results in  zoom, exposure, noise, texture, and artifacts compared to the iPhone 8, clearly the iPhone X is the superior phone here.

The A11 bionic processor chip. The neural engine of the chip can perform 600 billion operations per second! This generally means that the iPhone X is not only fast but also remarkably efficient and incredibly powerful, and while it does all these it use minimal energy.

The iPhone X is also water and dust resistant, it is charged wirelessly and has 65 GB storage. On the downside, the all glass screen makes it a risky venture, it only has one SIM card slot and some people will definitely miss the home button.

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