Silicon-Graphene Battery

Smartphones are loved for their multitasking. You can run different apps at a go. Some apps run in the background, such as social media apps, alerts etc. to keep you updated with things you care about.
Samsung, whose devices run on android OS, know that this multitasking and apps running in the background requires a lot of power. Also we the users know the frustration of devices running out of power faster and the need to carry power packs or travelers charges wherever we go.
Well, the same Samsung Company has recently claimed they have found a way to double battery life in smartphones. Their battery technology involves silicon and graphene. Samsung has developed a prototype battery where they added layers of graphene to silicon anodes.
When silicon is used more and recharged often, its volumetric energy density weakens and life cycle shortens. Graphene comes in to rectify this problem. This article on the Nature Journal explains that graphene layers on silicon helps contain its volume expansion. This helps the silicon cell higher volumetric energy densities of up to 1.8 times higher than the volumetric energy densities of current commercial lithium-ion batteries.
Will silicon-graphene battery need to be bulky? Absolutely no! Samsung claims that this combo will not affect the battery size. This means that you will not be forced to buy a bulky device just for the battery.
This is good news indeed! Let’s wait and see what this silicon-graphene battery technology will bring to ease our lives.

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