Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is one of the biggest players in the world of smartphones. The company has unveiled phone model after phone model mostly running on android OS and it has recently started to develop smartphones running on Tizen OS. Its latest phone on the shelves is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, after the major blunder with the Galaxy S8 Samsung has definitely done a lot of work to redeem itself and get back to prominence with the Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched in August 2017. It comes in four colors; black, grey, gold and blue. It has a bigger screen at 6.3 inches and the infinity display makes it a bit easier to handle while the decreased bezels makes it lighter. In a world where bigger is better, the large screen and the android Nougat OS (7.1.1) ensure that users have worthwhile experiences; the split screen or multi window mode enables users to launch two apps at the same time, the UI makes sweeping a breeze and movies and graphics are very clear. It also comes with an S- pen stylus which is more sensitive, more flexible, and almost weightless and can be easily stored on the phone’s bottom. The S-pen most amazing features are the screen off memo and live-translation of words by dragging it over them.

The internal specs are impressive. The phone has 6GB of RAM, Snapdragon 835 CPU, 64 GB of storage space plus an additional slot for a microSD card in case a user needs more space. This is expected to enable the phone run faster and smoothly. Since smartphones are no longer complete without cameras, this one has two with powerful dual 12MP sensors on the rear. Optical image stabilization (OIS) ensures that image will be blur-free, regardless of the angle used. Those who have always been envious of Siri now have Bixby Voice for a voice assistant, and lastly taking the phone under water is totally allowed because it is water resistant.

Critics might be disappointed with the smaller battery capacity 3300mAH, so heavy users will definitely need power back up. The fact that it is also a single SIM might not go with those who prefer dual SIM phones.

Samsung has clearly put some thought and effort to its latest release, and now it is time for current, former and potential users to evaluate whether the effort done is enough to win them back and shoot the brand back to prominence.

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