Making the Most out of your Battery

Advances in science and technology have made phones and tablets essential to the lives of people, it seems that they cannot live or survive without them. They have become such an integral part in human lives and are therefore expected to function almost perfectly. It is for this reason that people are willing to invest in tablets and phones boasting of having cutting edge technology. A device might have a fast processor, interactive user interface or even be shatterproof but if the battery has a short life span or powerful then the device will not be as desirable. As time goes by, the ability of a battery to stay charged reduces and this becomes highly frustrating if one is not close to a power outlet or own a portable charger. It is thus important to know what causes batteries to have a shorter life span and how we can avoid these problems.
Extreme temperatures. Lithium ion batteries decompose when exposed to heat. During charging phones tend to heat up slightly, if the surrounding temperature is hot or greater than 30 degrees the phone battery can be damaged.
Long charging and discharging cycles. Repeated full charges can result in loss of battery capacity and short life span while prolonged discharging cycles might make the battery unable to contain charge or it might die completely.

What you can do

Keep the phone at room temperature. When charging and storing a phone, the owner should ensure that it is at room temperature. Phones should not be stored in plastic bags or close to heat sources. This will ensure that the battery does not decompose and the performance remains constant.
Keep your battery between 50% and 80% charge. Frequent charging will not damage a battery. Batteries do not rely on memory as previously believed and thus one does not need to drain them and charge them to full so as to train them to retain most charge. Battery life is measured in cycles. The average battery will have 300 to 500 cycles before its power holding capacity drops to 70%. If a person partially discharges his phone 1200 times, those will be 600 full cycles as compared 300 full cycles. Therefore partial charging can prolong battery life.
Phone batteries will deteriorate over time and will eventually require an upgrade but with these suggestions they can continue being powerful for longer which is economical in the long run and contributes in environmental conservation.

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