Dual-Lens Camera Technology

A dual-lens camera, as the name suggests, is a camera fitted with two lenses. This is the concept being advocated by Corephotonics. This camera, thus, uses optical zoom rather than the more common digital zoom technology.

Smartphone cameras have been improving every waking day. Most of these cameras, however, aren’t ideal in taking crisp clear photos from a distance. Well, a startup company in Israel is offering a solution with their dual-lens camera technology; Corephotonics.

How it works
Each lens on the camera has different focal lengths, one being wide-angled and the other having a narrow field of view. The company has come up with an algorithm that processes the two images from the lenses to produce a much sharper image compared with an image captured with a single lens camera that uses digital zoom technology.
Another trick that makes this dual-camera stand out is the lens with narrow field of view, or telephoto lens, does not have color filter. This allows the lens to allow more light to enhance the image. This reduces noise in the photo.
For clear image, the photos from both lenses are compared and the less clear pixels are ignored while the clearer are used to make up the final picture.
The technology is supported by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chipset.

Advantages of Dual-Lens Technology

• Able to zoom up to 5 times without losing quality of picture
• Slimmer Smartphone – With optical zoom, no moving parts are needed and so a smaller camera leading to slimmer phones.
• Take HDR (high-dynamic range) images quick and easy with a single shot.


• Available only on phones with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chipset, but, maybe the future will offer something.
This dual-lens camera will definitely change smartphone camera technology for the better.

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