Android Nougat

Google has done it again. It released its latest android version, the Android Nougat. The word nougat means candy or confection containing sugar, honey, pieces of fruit and nuts. This word perfectly describes the Android 7.0 version because once users get a taste of it, they cannot get enough of its sweetness.

Here are some of the notable feature on this new release:

  • The split screen. This is the feature that will probably create the most buzz in the android world. It can work in either portrait or landscape mode. The landscape mode automatically splits the width 50/50, however, the portrait mode grants the user the freedom to resize the window’s width. With one app open, a different app can be accessed simultaneously by long pressing the recent apps button. To exit the split screen, the recent apps button can be long pressed or the barrier can be dragged to one side. The chrome browser tab also has a multi window mode which can be accessed by selecting the “move to other window” option. The split screen also enables the user to drag and drop texts or images. The image from one app is long pressed and then dragged to the next app.
  • Notifications. Android nougat has the advantage of providing instantaneous replies to notifications. Unlike in earlier android versions, users will not need to open apps in order to make replies. This feature will enhance the speed of replying to notifications. The notifications have another vital modification; they have been bundled. If a user makes a post on social media, the notifications are bundled into only one alert which when slid down will reveal the entire alerts. Apps alerts can be customized from notifications, a user can choose to silence alerts from an app by long pressing on the notifications.
  • The doze mode. Battery power is a feature that can either make or break a device, google had this in mind when it was creating Nougat. The OS now comes with the doze mode which lowers power usage when the device is in a pocket or purse. It shuts down network access and will run tasks every so often, then after being in a stationary state for a while it will hibernate and turn off sync, wake locks and Wi-Fi scanning.
  • Better security. Privacy is very important to most users, additional features added to Android Nougat will guarantee an increased level of security. The OS ensures direct booting, some apps will partially run securely before the password is entered. There is availability of file based encryption. Files can thus be isolated and protected from being accessed by apps. A user has the power to permit an app to only access the folders vital for its operations or functioning. The geolocation in android Nougat is allowed over HTTPS, therefore the private information of users is protected if they happen to use an insecure connection. These provisions go a long way in assuring users of their privacy and security.
  • Language. Android Nougat comes with multi locale language settings and to suit the current generation; more emojis. The current emojis have a more human look and feel. The locale language settings ensures that the device can use a specific or similar region setting once it has been set to a specific region. Thus instead of using default language settings, an app can display text in the locale language. This feature is superbly convenient if one is in a foreign place.

Most users are definitely itching to get their hands on devices with the latest android version. The Android Nougat gas been on the market since 22 August, 2016 and can be downloaded on Google-made devices such as Nexus and Google pixel. Samsung phones which are not tied down to a carrier such as Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and Note 5 as well as Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab S2 have the new OS available, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will have the updates as from 17 January 2017 and the same will start rolling in in 2016 phones in the first half of 2017. The firmware is also available in LG V20 LG G5 and it is expected in LG G4 handsets by early 2017. Sony handsets such as the Sony Xperia X performance and Xperia XZ already received the new OS as from December, 2016 while Xperia Z5 family will have the updates as at end of January, 2017. Other models such as the Xperia X and XA family will have the updates as soon as possible. HTC phones launched in the last two years may have Android Nougat available. HTC 10, One A9 and One M9 had already started to receive the update as from December, 2016. Users with Motorola phones such as Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and the X and G series will be able to enjoy the new firmware as well, the updates for the Z family started rolling out as early as November, 2016. Huawei phones such as Huawei 8 and P9 will receive the update by end of March, 2017 while P9 plus, P9 Lite, Nova and Nova plus will receive the updated software later in 2017. Huawei users who are too impatient can acquire the Huawei Mate 9 which has the software on-board. It is certain that users with phones launched more than three years ago will probably not enjoy Nougat, maybe it is about time they get an upgrade.

The Android Nougat has more features such as higher quality virtual reality which can be enjoyed on day-dream phones, power and data saving and the new activated voice assistant which spares users the embarrassment of talking to their phones because they can write into it. Just like candy, it is desirable and it will definitely leave its users wanting more.




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